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Personal Horoscopes & Forecasts

Free Birth Chart

Grab your very own birthchart wheel and personal report!

This is an absolute 'must-have' for anyone interested in astrology! Based on your time and place of birth, we draw up your trial natal chart and then deliver an analysis of your personality with accuracy that will truly astonish you. Learn more!


Reports & Forecasts

You are unique!  Discover more about yourself, your future and up coming events with our unique range of personal horoscope and forecast reports.

Each report is uniquely created from your very own time, date and place of birth - taking a snapshot of the exact position of where the planets were when you were born.

A full range of Astro Travel reports.  Do you ever wonder why one holiday destination seems perfect for you - yet another could seem like your holiday from hell?  Your birth chart is overlaid on the world - and these intuitive reports detail the relationship between your own chart and the location you travel - covering all aspects from love, sex, career and relaxation!

Forecasting your future - choose from a single day through to a full year ahead report - so you can pinpoint those key dates and key events that influence your life.

Reports are Instantly displayed on your screen, and a copy for you to refer to in the future is emailed.